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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Edna's home site flies past the 3 mill mark

Edna's home site officially past the 3 million pages read, as of August 5, 2009. I do believe it was in the morning hours. Who was the '3', I don't know, but happened sometime just before 2AM, Wednesday morning. Thanks to all our readers, over the years!

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Edna's Place said...

I have to say, I knew we would hit three million soon, but this happened about a month early, and mainly because of the huge interest in Michael Jackson and Charlie Chaplin in the month of July. Especially after Jermaine sang 'Smile'.

20,000 visited and read pages on the site in just a few hours, after that song. It helped make July have 115,000 pages read in July, compared to my normal 50,000 a month.

The passing of MJ was a sad event, and brought out feeling on both sides, but I will always remember the entertainer I grew up with, and shared the same year of birth with.