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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Bits and Pieces Sept. 2009

Well, after a summer filled with heat and record temperatures, which shutdown the office several times this summer, snow is forecast to fall in the mountains. As we wait to see if the mountains have turned white, time for a bit of a catch-up.

Edna's second book
Work continued steadily, but slowly, this summer, as new information has shown up. My main focus has been Edna's husband Jack Squire and his family background. While some great information has been added and his notebook is finally growing, it is only a start, so more research to do.

In this research on Jack, I am tracking down any clues on where Edna and Jack could have met. Found some interesting leads, but need more research.

Also have done some more research into Courtland Dines. In the process, I found out my husband actually lived only a few blocks from Dines family home once, many years ago. Plan to look up Dines family home, at some point.

When I have more information together, that is when I can start some more serious writing again, on the later years of Edna's life. Jack's life was not as fully documented as needed, so that is why I am taking the time to research it more. But the more I have uncovered, the more interesting it has become.

The Sea Gull
Again, we thank all the new fans who bought books recently. I have a new supply of second edition books in stock, ready to send. Always check your emails for updated information on your current orders. And do check your email addresses when ordering. We had a few emails that have not worked, and it can be a challenge to find you, if it doesn't work. But again, thanks for the orders, and glad to hear, you are enjoying your books.

Thanks, for the listeners...
Special thanks to all the listeners to Garen Ewing's interview this summer! The podcast has gone over 2100 2400 2600 listeners, so far! And best of all, looks like The Rainbow Orchid is off to a great start. I like to send an extra thanks to the silent film fans who said they have bought books. Very nice, indeed!

All our very best to Garen, and his continued work on his book, as he is working on Volumes 2 and 3, of the three part The Rainbow Orchid story. We really hope to see more Julius Chancer adventures in the future, so all those sales help toward that goal. So check out Garen's site to learn more, if you don't know about it, already. It is available at many fine bookshops in the UK and online, worldwide, as well as at Garen's home Rainbow Orchid site.

Future new Table Chat podcast?
I have been 'speaking' with another author about doing a podcast later this year. We still need to arrange things, but watch for more information as that one develops.

Don't forget to sign up for Edna's October 21st Birthday give away. I am giving one lucky winner one of our special 12x18 inch photo posters. All you have to do is answer three simple questions and fill out the form. See this link for full details. The winner will be drawn on Edna's birthday October 21st. So sign up today!

And for an added birthday event, I will post a surprise event just on Edna's birthday. It will be only be one day or even a few hours, but you will need to visit to see what it will be.

FDR's Secret Air Force
Jack Squire's film footage is all edited into the film now, as we await more news on the project. At this time, the polishing work is being done on the documentary, as producer and creator, John Schwally, has previewed the film for the Producers Guild. In September, it will be showing at Cornell and Rutgers Universities at a special event. All of this is preparing for a future broadcast on PBS or one of the other national networks. More reports as we know more.

New Links - Niles Museum and more
I have been placing new picture links to the right, including one for the on going events at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum in Niles, California. If you live in the area, or passing by, check out the link for coming events. Also, here is a list of events for September 2009:

Saturday September 12 7:30 PM Suggested donation $5 - Bruce Loeb (piano)
Short Subjects Night
The Vagabond (1916, Lone Star)
Captain Kidd’s Kids (1919, Rolin)
The Love Nest (1923, Schenck)
Sailors, Beware! (1927, Roach)

Sunday September 13 4:00 PM Suggested donation $5
A Talkie Afternoon with The Boys
A Chump at Oxford (1940)
With shorts:
A Day at the Studio (1937, Roach)
Teacher’s Pet (1930, Roach)
Bored of Education (1936, Roach)

Saturday September 19 7:30 PM Suggested donation $5
Frederick Hodges (piano)

Filmed in Pleasanton
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1917, Artcraft)
With shorts:
Mabel, Fatty and the Law (1915, Keystone)
The Perils of Pauline: The Deadly Turning (1914,
Pathe) Pearl White

Friday September 25 8:00 PM Suggested donation $10
Filmed in Niles
Weekend King (2007, Pumpjam)

Saturday September 26 7:30 PM Suggested donation $5
Frederick Hodges (piano)
Filmed in Pleasanton
Peck’s Bad Boy (1921, Lesser)
With shorts:
I’m On My Way (1919, Rolin)
45 Minutes from Hollywood (1926)

Hope to make it down there some time again, but for now, if you can, do take a visit! Thanks to Michael Bonham (Niles Museum) for the information.

Stolen Moments
Donna Hill's Stolen Moments looks to be coming back online with more podcasts starting this fall. Keep an eye on this link.

Reading at the moment...
Well, besides the wonderful The Rainbow Orchid, I have started reading Lon Davis's new book about Francis Bushman. It is available now and I have more at this link.

That is all for now. Thanks very much reading and come by again! - L

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