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Monday, September 28, 2009

Ken Burn's National Park Series this week!

Part One started on Sunday, but Part Two is TONIGHT. Here is a link to a preview with thoughts from Rudyard Kipling's first impressions of Yellowstone and how he was slowly won over by the beauty. LINK

Update: Just watched Part Two and I found it excellent! Part three Tuesday night.

Update Sept. 29: The National Park Series will be available online each day, until Oct. 9th. Link to Episode One.

Update: Watched Part Three - It included the addition of the volcano national park in Hawaii in 1916, just about one year before Edna and Charlie visited it in 1917.

And, it should be noted, Edna DID visit some of the great national parks during the 1920s! She loved natural areas. In fact, she did a full summer tour, by car with family members, right after filming 'The Woman of the Sea' (The Sea Gull) in 1926. I will double check my notes, but one of her trips went through Yellowstone, I believe, while spending part of her summer on a ranch. She loved it!

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