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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kevin Brownlow clips and interviews

Continuing with Kevin Brownlow, here are a selection of clips from interviews and his work showing the Hollywood series and Unknown Chaplin series.

Brownlow on silent film music

A few minutes from the Hollywood Series (from the silent comedies, with Chaplin)

Leonard Maltin preview of 'Unknown Chaplin'

Sample from the 'Unknown Chaplin' Series
(Note: Rollie actually started with Chaplin during the Mutuals, so was not working with Chaplin during the Essanay films.)

A few more minutes, including Edna and Charlie from 'Unknown Chaplin' series

More about Kevin Brownlow documentaries. LINK


FlickChick said...

I can't wait to see the Oscars this year! Any chance the Hollywood series will ever be out on DVD? My VHS player exploded.

Edna's Place said...

I don't know for sure how they will do this, but hope we will get to see Mr. Brownlow on the Oscars. (It isn't like the old days, when they shared more on screen. Might be a clip, but we'll see.)

As for the Hollywood Series, it sounds buried in expired copyright issues and the fact that when Thames Television went out (they produced the series), and was taken over by another company, the new company hasn't shown interest in wanting to back the series, in getting it on DVD.

Maybe, with Mr. Brownlow getting an Oscar, it might help turn their heads. There are loads of people who love to buy that series. (The VHS ones still are selling very well!) I read the current owners aren't interested in documentaries, but if they know there is an interest, maybe it will wake them up!

(In some ways, it is like The Sea Gull, the person/people who produced it, holds all the cards. Creator is left in the cold.)