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Friday, June 08, 2007

Child actor in City Lights Ray Erlenborn dies

Ray Erlenborn, who played one of the newspaper boys in Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights", died at the age of 92. (Remember the scene where two boys are making fun of the tramp, after Charlie was out of jail?)

Erlenson played other small parts in silent films during his childhood, including one of his first, a newsboy in Harold Lloyd's "Safety Last". Erleborn appeared in the TV series 'The Buster Keaton Show" in 1950, before becoming a sound effect track man. He worked for CBS for many years on such shows as "The Carol Burnett Show" and worked in movies, doing animal sounds for 'Doctor Dolittle".

He was born in Denver, Colorado, January 21, 1915 and is survived by his wife, Meredith. more> (click the ad off to get to story)

Test your memory now and name the other newsboy from City Lights...


Anonymous said...

Robert Parrish - who was interviewed in "Unknown Chaplin".

Edna's Place said...

Thanks Paul!

I see Robert died in 1995.

I was trying to think of other kids who worked on Chaplin's films that might be still alive. (Kids other than Chaplin's own family.)

Quite a few in the 1957 "...New York" movie. Still remember the little girl in "The Great Dictator" in the barber scene. Don't know her name...