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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Family Flickers - New Silent Film Creations

"Learning to laugh again. Enjoying a thrill instead of gruesome images. Having a ‘good guy’ to root for again. That’s what Family Flickers was created to help people to do. The creative team at Family Flickers noticed some time ago that the works of classic film comedians like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel and Hardy have created laughter in audiences of all ages, long after the cameras had stopped rolling." - Family Flickers

Family Flickers - Silent Films Anew
Tired of all the sex and violence in so much entertainment today, Mark Margulies, the founder of Family Flickers are recreating the art of silent films for a modern day audience.

"Any of the images, any of the action that is going to take place is all built with the idea of action, adventure, thrills and laughter, no gratuitous sex, no unnecessary violence, no graphic violence, no graphic images of any type," Margulies said.

The films can be viewed at their website i-flick.com. The film I watched was a bit jumpy and wasn't totally in time with the music (this is watching it with a cable modem, but problems maybe worked out overtime. Good to see someone creating new silent films for a modern era. more>

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