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Sunday, July 22, 2007

September 1933 Report on Modern Times

From the File...
Grace Kingsley Report - September 30, 1933

"Charlie Chaplin will play the role of a factory hand in his forthcoming comedy, which has a large industrial section of a big city as its background!

And though nobody in the great comedian’s troupe will speak a word, sound effects and music will be used more extensively than ever before. A new stage of the old-fashioned silent type is being build at the Chaplin English village studio.

Also Charlie will keep his traditional mustache. This, says his manage, Alfred Reeves. came in face of the newspaper comment alleging that Chaplin is opposed to Hitler, Germany’s dictator, who wears an upper-lip adornment somewhat like Charlie’s, and that the comedian would, therefore, discard it! The Berlin Film-Kurier became very excited about it, indeed!

Chaplin’s staff is gradually gathering itself together, including those old standbys, Henry Bergman and Albert Austin, and a new head carpenter, William Bogandoff, and chief electrician Frank Teatera, while Jack Wilson will assist Manager Reeves.

Carter De Haven, in addition to acting as Chaplin’s assistant, will also play a big part in the picture.

And, of course, as announced many times, Pauline (how it was spelled) Goddard will be Chaplin’s leading lady. The comedian tells me he has written for her the most important role any leading lady of his has had."

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Anonymous said...

Nice article! The "new stage" was built on top of the old swimming pool at the studio, at the exact spot shown in the story below, with the actresses in bathing suits. It became a recording studio in the 1960's, and it think it remains so today.