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Friday, July 27, 2007

Grand View Faces Brand New Lawsuit

July 26, 2007 - The Grand View case just got longer as 100 new families decided to file their own lawsuit against the cemetery.

"Another personal-injury lawsuit has been filed against Grand View Memorial Park, adding 100 people to the list of those seeking compensation from the cemetery for allegedly mishandling their loved ones' remains.

Aroustamian & Associates filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court last week. It is the third personal-injury lawsuit against the cemetery since its legal troubles began in October 2005, said Mary Der-Parseghian, an attorney with the law firm.

The lawsuit claims that those named in the suit suffered emotional distress due to the cemetery's breach of contract and mishandling and mistreatment of the remains of people buried there, Der-Parseghian said.

The amount they are suing for has not been determined, she said." - Glendale News

Link to Glendale News Article (on the web for 14 days from today's date) - more>

This suit is for 'emotional distress', but the longer these suits go the worst the cemetery conditions are going to get. It will be interesting to see if as one of the lawyer's said, that this cemetery can be run in the future.

As for the tree issue, that is still being sorted out. Like everything involved with this, could be sometime. Until sorted, the cemetery will remain closed. Watch for more news.

August 1st - Grand View is considered an 'Extreme Fire Hazard Area'.

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