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Friday, April 25, 2008

Silent Films returned to the US

The Australian government plans to return to the USA eight silent films. These films included news reel footage and a one-reel Western called 'The Prospector" created by Essanay Films. This article from Variety mentions the films being returned:

"The titles are "The Prospector" (1912), a one-reel Western made by Essanay Film Manufacturing; "Sin Woman," trailer (1921), a preview for a melodrama; "Mutt and Jeff: On Strike" (1920), an animated short of the popular cartoon characters; and "Long Pants," trailer (1927), a preview for Frank Capra's comedy starring Harry Langdon.

The other four shorts are a 1920 Pathe newsreel, a U.S. Navy documentary, a travel tour of Japan and an early Hollywood promotional short of movie celebs playing baseball." - Variety

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