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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Lita!

"I Love Birthdays!" - Lita Hill said, April 3, 2005, on her birthday

Today would have been Lita's 75th birthday. So to celebrate, I will share the comments Lita would have loved to have read during the past couple of months about The Sea Gull.

"I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IF WE GET ANY REVIEWS TO PRINT!!!" - Lita Hill, October 20, 2007

"Here are some of the fan comments, Lita, I know you would have enjoyed reading. Happy Birthday!!!"

"Received "The Sea Gull" book this afternoon. What an outstanding treasure trove of outstanding pictures and research. Thank goodness Edna fans (and Edna herself) have someone like you to create such a wonderful book!!" - MM

"Almost Speechless! ...the book is PHENOMENAL! ... is even
better than I imagined! I am so impressed. This is such a great contribution to Chaplin/Edna scholarship, and I applaud your hard work and dedication." - PC

"...it blew me away, it's amazing, better than I could have imagined." - GCE

"I have received The Sea Gull, and what a wonderful work it is! It is a very beautiful and important book and I enjoy it immensely." - IG

"The book is beautiful!" - DH

"Reading it was a real pleasure. It's very well conceived, with images illustrating perfectly the story. The progression towards the shooting of the film is very clear for every star involved (Edna, Charlie, Von Sternberg...). It's one of the most enjoyable books I've read about Chaplin. One point strucks me when seeing the pictures of Edna in A Woman of the Sea: She's so fresh and beautiful in these pictures!" - DD

"I received my book!!!!! It is wonderful. I enjoy to see pictures of Edna I never seen before." - FB

"I think it looks smashing. The photos are so interesting, Ellie had a treasure of images for sure. Really you guys did a wonderful job and Lita was so pleased. What you left for her certainly helped her to pass from this world knowing Edna's story would go on forever." - BT

"So many people who know anything about Charlie, let alone Edna, have been intrigued by the fate of The Sea Gull but there has never been anything we could do about it. Now (rather like a similar book that was done on Greed, another 'lost' film, though a truncated version survives), we have the next best thing - your book. I do congratulate you and your husband, as it is a beautifully produced book that will sit proudly on anyone's shelf." - PJ

"Great book!" - BK

"How beautiful, great book this is! Your matchless ultimate work help us to make unknown facts clear about the lost film and Edna." - SO

"I can't tell you how exquisite the Sea Gull book is!!! We were looking through it last night, ooohing and aaahing. The layout, the photos, the writing, the paper, the printing--everything is just perfect." - MM

"Beautiful book!" - JM

"The book arrived today, and it is absolutely fascinating. This is an important book-Leading Ladies should be very proud of themselves." - JW

"You have done a really magnificent job! The book is beautiful and the photos are so crisp & clear. I have read almost all of it already and am sure I will be re-looking and re-reading for some time to come - at least until the bio comes out!" - MC

"Beautiful book. Thanks so much. I know how much hard work went into it. Most Chaplin students who read just Robinson and the CC Autobiography picture her as just pining away after becoming inactive at the studio. What you have discovered about her later life, adventures, and marriage are a revelation." - JJ

"The book arrived - and it's lovely. I had it delivered to work where we know a little about publishing. My colleagues and I all agreed that you did a marvelous job, not only with the copy and design, but with choosing a printer." - AK

"It looks great!" - DF

"I received the book today, very well packaged, and have just been through it. It is really wonderful to be able to see the photos, along with your reconstruction of the story. The book is very nicely designed overall, and your love of Edna shines through it all. Thanks very much for this contribution." - JB

"You did a magnificent job piecing the story together base on those amazing photos. I can't believe there isn't a copy of that film that was originally printed from the negative, before Chaplin burned it. I can't understand anyone, even Chaplin, burning a film without one copy preserved somewhere." - RS

"I have been reading the seagull book, it is beautifully produced. The photos are wonderful. What a terrific loss! the movie, that is. I hope you are greatly appreciated for bringing it to the attention of our generation." - JMc

"Your book arrived! Thank you so much for all your effort which you have put in it. It's very much interesting to read and a little treasure with all those rare to find pictures. Also, I love very much the layout." - RM

"My wife was thrilled and I must say, the book is beautifully done. You can be very proud of this outstanding and long-overdue achievement!" - KB

"We can hardly wait for your next book. I started The Sea Gull and couldn't put it down. We both feel it is outstanding. It was like we were right there. Too bad the film was lost. We are so glad we have the book in our possession. What a marvel. Thanks again. I sure hope you are writing more." - NP

"...the book arrived this past weekend and I am enjoying it very much!"- HM

"...that cover sure does it for me, wow! Thanks again for all your dedication... It feels just like discovering a Chaplin short I've never seen before... It's that kind of feeling." - LS

"The book turned up all safe and just gorgeous... I spent the night pouring through it and taking in the beautiful images. You must be really satisfied with the way it turned out - the quality is divine." - GT

"The book arrived yesterday. From what I've looked at so far, it is amazing! The cast photo from "In the Park" alone is worth the price! Congratulations on a remarkable achievement." - MV

"It is a beautiful book. The photos are so very nicely reproduced. ...a shame it can't be introduced to a wider market." - DT

"It looks very interesting... It is a treasure." - LM

"It's beautifully produced, the page quality and picture clarity are exceptionally good, the 8X10 (the front cover still) of Edna was a fine choice, and nicely protected. All of your careful personal touches - the handwritten card, especially - were thoughtful, and appreciated. The scholarship in it also was important, just the basic outline you provided in it on Edna's personal history alone was more than most of us have been able to learn about her before this." - HM

Lita - April 3, 1933- January 21, 2008
The Sea Gull "A Woman of the Sea" (first book about the lost Charlie Chaplin Production, directed by Josef von Sternberg and starring Edna Purviance.) - Leading Ladies publication, release January 2008. Learn more at ednapurviance.com.

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