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Friday, April 11, 2008

Play 'Laurel and Charlie' on tour in Yorkshire

April 16 - May 2, 2008 - England - The Badapple Theatre company will be touring Kate Bramley new play 'Laurel and Charlie' in Yorkshire, England area April 16th into May 4th. It is about Charlie Chaplin's and Stan Laurel's early days with Karno. It mentions opening in a boardinghouse in 1910. You can learn more about the play, at this link. If I was lucky enough to be in the area, I certainly look it up.

A few Karno notes: By 1910, Chaplin had a few years with Fred Karno, as Charlie started working for him in 1908. In September of 1910, Chaplin left with the Karno company to America. The Karno company opened in New York City, before being picked up by the America tour group, Sullivan and Considine. Stan Laurel also traveled with Chaplin and they roomed together to save money.

The Karno Tour played with Sullivan and Considine for five different America tours between January 1911- November 1913. The company only returned to England once in 1912, during this three-year journey.

Chaplin signed with the Keystone Film Company in September 1913 during his tour stop in Portland, Oregon, but finished his tour with Karno to Kansas City, in November of that same year.

Charlie Chaplin boarded a train to Los Angeles, while the rest of the company headed back to England. Chaplin wouldn't return to London until 1921, and he returned as one of the most famous actors in the world.

(I have research the Karno tour in America. Here is a link to an article featuring the Karno tour.)

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