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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 2008 comes to a close

April started out with the great news of reading about Rainbow Orchid being published (I have been a longtime fan), hearing about the special events in Italy for Josef von Sternberg (wish I could see), another record month of visitors (including fans during Chaplin's Birthday) my G4 dying (I knew that was coming, just was hoping to update later this year) and getting a new computer (which I am still settling into, after seven years on my favorite system). 

May will have some new posting for Edna's site, including my next Lita Hill video, a special 'fan' slide show and a video trip to London.  I will be updating the Latest Page in the Chaplin Library, with new books from Dominique and I still have more coming for the library as well.

On the Sea Gull book news, we like to thank everyone who bought books in April. Also, we have been contacted by a group of historians in Carmel, California. They have purchased copies of the book and will be helping to see if some of the locations can be 'pinpointed' from the Monterey Bay area. 

From my earlier research, the dock scenes in The Sea Gull book were taken at Monterey Bay, California. Additional scenes were taken near Carmel.

Some of the other scenes in the book appear to be around Point Lobos or even the 17-mile-drive area. They agree that some appear to be around Point Lobos, and will be seeing if they can pinpoint some of the locations.

As always, just keep checking back for the latest and thanks very much for visiting.

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