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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DVD Silent Lives: Classic Screen Moments arrived

Monday, I received the DVD
Silent Lives: Classic Screen Moments
with Lon Davis.

You can only get this DVD, if you order
Silent Lives by Lon Davis, from BearManor Media.

I wanted you to know about it, because you are missing out, if you don't get these together. It comes as you see it here. Not in a 'designer box package', but a film filled disc, (loaded with enthusiasm for silent film era).

With 23 film clips, it is the perfect collection to introduce new people to silents films, but I found it an enjoyable addition to my collection, with nearly two hours of rare film footage and old silent favorites.

The DVD has two options: with comments or without.

With comments, Lon Davis gives us a pleasant and informative background on the stars and 23 films shown, covering over 25 years (from the early beginnings with The Great Train Robbery, and finishes with Fairbank's The Iron Man.)

Without comments, the films and music speak for themselves, giving you an enjoyable ride through many silent comedies and dramas.

Together, they are the perfect companions for each other, that I would highly recommend.

I have more on this, along with the book, Silent Lives, at this link. OR watch Lon Davis interview, which features this film, at this link.

The other guys may have 'free shipping' but they don't have this 'perfect pairing' of DVD and book for your knowledge and enjoyment, from this era in film making.

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Edna's Place said...

The Great Train Robbery
The Impossible Voyage
The New York Hat
The Waiters' Ball
The Immigrant
Tille Wakes Up
The Mark of Zorro
The Kid
The Sheik
The Ropin' Fool
The Extra Girl
Girl Shy
The Phantom of the Opera
Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pride
The Caretaker's Daughter
The Bells
Saturday Afternoon
The Beloved Afternoon
Sadie Thompson
Steamboat Bill, Jr.
The Iron Mask