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Friday, May 02, 2008

Edna Purviance's Grand Niece, Lita Hill videos

Here are some video links featuring Lita Hill, Edna Purviance's grand niece. One is a new video just posted today.

These videos were taken during our first visit together in April 2005. None of the footage seen in this series of clips were used in the video interview shown at Cinecon 42 in 2006. I will be placing this series into a special page, as the project develops. Lita passed away on January 21, 2008, and this is part of our tribute to her.

August 2006 - Behind the Scenes
A small preview I created just before going to Cinecon in 2006. Features Lita and I with the Hill collection.

April 2008 - Good Friend
A video featuring a good friend of Lita's.

May 2008 - First Job
About Lita's first job in LA, while she was living with Edna Purviance. (Background: Lita lived in Reno for a few years, after her father Morgan left the film industry. After high school, Lita returned to Los Angeles and lived with Edna.)

Update: I have continued to notice the video/flash page section has been getting steady to heavy traffic since the Lita videos have been added. When playing a video, if it seems a bit slow in loading, just let it load and than press the re-start link. Once it loads, you should have few problems. Thanks for visiting.

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