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Friday, May 30, 2008

Harvey Korman has died age 81

If you are old enough to remember The Carol Burnett Show, you will remember Harvey Korman. He was one of Carol's regulars, along with Tim Conway, Lyle Waggoner and Vicki Lawrence. Korman has appeared in movies and other television programs as well, but I will remember him best with Tim Conway from Carol's show.

For some of you who may not know, The Carol Burnett Show was a top rated variety show, that was one hour each week and had special guest from the music, movie and television world, along with a few surprises. And it had nearly all the top name stars from the golden era of movies.

The weekly skits were the highlights, and Carol's opening 'chat for questions from the audience' was a mainstay. The cast breaking up on their own jokes while doing a skit, was not really planned, but just part of the fun of the show.

You can learn more from this link at the LA Times.
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Interesting sidebar: Carol Burnett and Lita Hill were born the same year and month. Carol, April 26, 1933 and Lita, April 3, 1933.


Anonymous said...

Korman was a truly gifted comedic "second banana", and his roles on the Carol Burnett Show were inspired. In the days before Monty Python hit the US, and before SNL came along, it was the best skit comedy show on television. And in no small part, this was due to Korman's contributions.

Edna's Place said...

That I agree with. I never missed Carol's show each week. A bit of the television's version of the old stage shows of the past.

And if I had Monty Python back at that time, I know I would have been watching it along with SNL. Just never got it in my area. Did watch and enjoyed it years later, and now can see Python nearly weekly on the BBC.

(By the way, in my Edna mode, I asked Lita who Edna would have liked in comics, and she said Edna would have enjoyed Monty Python, as well as Benny Hill, Wood Allen. List of others too. Edna did enjoy Bob Hope, during her day.)

I haven't watch Saturday Night Live in years. Not since we stopped cable in the 90s. Our local station would not allow us to see NBC, except on cable or over the air. Since we never could get it over the air, I have not watched NBC programs for over 12 years.