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June 6, 2018 - Re-editing Edna Purviance's family biography 2nd Draft. Photo: Leading Ladies © used by ednapurviance.org

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just some thought, as I start work on book two...

It has been four months since we launched The Sea Gull. So time is turning toward re-starting the biography I was working on, before the Sea Gull book.

The Sea Gull was actually my second book planned for Edna, but with Lita's health, I decided to do it first. The reason being, quicker to produce. And I just made it under the wire, by a week, as Lita (Edna Purviance's grand niece) died eight days after the launch.

I have to say, her death did put me out of the mood for the second book (as well as all the business things I had to do for SG). I can't say I feel like I launched a book yet, because there was nothing traditional about it. Just me in the office, like now, looking at a computer screen, emailing people and signing books on a little night table by my computer. And I didn't even have to 'dress' for it. I could wear anything at my 'launching and signings' and no one would know better.

It was great, but nothing traditional, except for some very nice flowers and very nice comments emailed back. I did have about four phone calls about the book, which was greatly appreciated, since I rarely see people or talk to them in person.

We like to thank, again, everyone who has, and currently, ordered The Sea Gull. It certainly turned out better than I thought.

But with Lita gone, I have been trying to get use to that.

What Lita's death sort of did, was place me back to where I was before I met her, because I had a book in the making already, and that was the biography. It wasn't a complete biography, but it was a start, with the early years pretty well covered.

I have been getting all my drafts together of the biography the last couple of weeks. Tonight, I started to open them for the first time in two years.

The early years and most of the career years of Edna, I had written, before I met Lita. The later years Lita was going to help with, which she did, until her health made it impossible to do more. I have articles to work with and loads of new material from the Hill collection and added research since, but also more research to do on material Lita didn't have.

Since the biography is going to be centered about Edna and her family (mainly her mother and two sisters) I have thoughts on how to do that, and keep the project going. That I will cover as I go along...

It is not easy to just pick up and start rolling on something again after two years, after working on it for over 10 years. But I am very glad I did get all the research I did, because starting from scratch now, with the increase cost and turn down in the economy, would have made it nearly impossible to do. And being 10 years older and with my eyesight, not the best, anymore, I am so grateful to have so much done.

So it is just getting the mood back into doing a second book. I have the material here sitting to work with. Writing here does help me start thinking about it.

Releasing the first book does take much of the excitement away. You only get one shot at launching your first book. But, since I really don't feel like I launched a book yet, it does leave some excitement left.

Now it time to start 'hitting the keyboard and research material' for the second book... Hopefully soon.

I have a very good friend launching a book in 2009. Sounds like a good year to do it, but might be closer to 2010, seeing how long The Sea Gull took. But the sooner I start, the sooner I will get it done. And I have fans 'who ate up the first book' and now waiting for the second course...

The working title for this book is 'Purviance' and that is what I will use throughout the writing and production work.

(The nice thing about my new computer? It talks to me! So I can hear how this article sounds. A voice in my little attic world.)


Anonymous said...

As a vote of encouragement, Edna's legacy would essentially have no serious advocate without your remarkable efforts. We eagerly await her definitive biography.

Edna's Place said...

Thank you, Paul,
Very good to have 'your vote'! I have an email folder full of fans looking forward to the next book, so I do need to start working on it.

Also, somethings appear or might be happening for SG here in the near future. 'Just waiting for the tide to settle back to see what it all looks like.'

At least it is still selling, in these downturn days. Thankful for all the fans for that!

I will be posting now and then about 'Purviance'. The final title for the book will reveal itself, as I go along, but thought that is where I like to start.

So more to come...