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Monday, June 15, 2009

Granville Redmond's 'Silver and Gold' painting

If you know your Charlie Chaplin history, you know Granville Redmond was the deaf painter Charlie Chaplin took in during the late 1910s, after Chaplin created his new studio. Redmond played a role as the bar owner in 'A Dog's Life' who Edna is fired by, and he played an artist in 'The Kid' with Carl Miller.

Redmond was still working for Chaplin when Morgan Hill met him in the late 1920s. They became friends during this time, especially during the making of 'City Lights.' Redmond presented Morgan with a painting as a gift to Morgan.

I saw the painting Morgan got when I first met Lita in 2005. A lovely seascape. But today's article about Redmond's paintings are not about seascapes, but a landscape called 'Silver and Gold.' It was created the same year as 'A Dog's Life', starring Edna Purviance and Charlie Chaplin.

It was one of 18 paintings recently sold by the Orange County Museum.

"The star painting in the transaction is probably Granville Redmond's 1918 "Silver and Gold" (above), a rolling coastal landscape that Laguna Art Museum director Bolton Colburn described to The Times as “an A-plus, a perfect Redmond, one of the five best paintings he ever did.” The artist painted it the same year he appeared in his first Charlie Chaplin movie, "A Dog's Life." - Los Angeles Times

You can read more at this link about this special sale.
Update: More about this controversial private sale.

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