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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Michael Jackson

May the music always live on...

Since I am the same age as Michael, I got to watch his career grow from the start. I remember seeing him with his brothers on the Dick Clark show (Bandstand) and on several variety programs of the late 1960s/early 1970s.

In junior high in the early 70s, we had a morning assembly every Tuesday and would always have a sing-along. The early Jackson Five hits, like ABC, were part of that sing-along. (The only African-American created music I remember singing in that school.)

By the time of his solo album Off the Wall, I remember purchasing it during my first year in college. I still remember the shop and pulling it off the rank in my little farm town.

And by the 1980s, I remember watching Thriller on MTV with my husband. It was huge, and I always would stop to watch it whenever it came on. (That is when MTV showed nothing but music videos 24/7. But more important, Jackson broke down the wall, allowing African-Americans to be shown on MTV. Before Michael, only white artist were shown on MTV. It wasn't easy, as it was a fight to get his video shown.)

Our very first music CD was Bad, which we purchased in Oakland, California. It was the same trip we got our first CD player.

And that was the last Michael Jackson album we purchased. But it wasn't the last time I listened to them, as I still have all those albums. The great thing about music, it always lives on, as long as people remember it.

I never saw him in person, only heard him on TV, records and countless times on the radio (like most people). And like so many other musical artists I grew up loving to listen too, I am always going to remember growing up with Michael's music and dancing.

He was so young when he started, he didn't choose his life, he was just having fun singing in the beginning and naturally good. It is just sad Michael never had the chance to 'grow up' to know a life outside his fame.

Three Video breakthrough favorites during peak:
Thriller | Billie Jean | Beat It

Update: Michael Jackson's recording of SMILE
(Apparently the video originally on MJ's site before, but placed up here by someone over a year ago, so don't know if it will stay, but includes Edna, Charlie, Jackie with Michael's version of SMILE.)

Update: Early moonwalk? In this tribute video called I Want You Back it shows early video clips from the Jackson Five television performances. If you watch closely at the end, you will see a very brief piece at what looks likes a very early moonwalk try by Michael at a much younger age.

Charlie Chaplin related fact: On January 28, 1985, "We are the World" which was co-written by Michael Jackson, was recorded on the Charlie Chaplin Studio lot, when the studio was A&M Studios.

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