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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Thanks to our 450+ Garen Ewing interview listeners!

I want to send a special thanks to the 450+ listeners to Garen Ewing's interview this last week. Being Garen's first audio recording and my first podcast, I was very pleased to see the response and really appreciated hearing back from some of you, as well. It makes all the effort in presenting this even more special.

According to stats (and it varies each day), we had listeners from around the world, with Europe and the UK with about 55-60% of the listening audience, most of the time. But the United States came in with nearly 40% to 45% or more, during the week (depending on the day). Canada came in next with about 20% tops for the week, and Japan and scattering of other countries worldwide, sharing about 5-15% of our listening audience.

Yes, it is (1:14) not by design but by chance, with the main focus on Garen Ewing creating his book and how he went from being a self-publisher to being picked up by a publishing company, Egmont UK. If you are interested in publishing yourself one day, something you should enjoy listening to and learn from. And from the response so far, the audiences are enjoying listening.

Garen's The Rainbow Orchid being picked up and published by Egmont UK didn't happen overnight, but after years of determination and frankly, just plain hard work.

For you silent film fans, Garen even reveals a project he had thoughts of creating before going heavily into Rainbow Orchid, but you will just have to listen to find out what it is.

So if you are thinking about publishing, or someone who likes to listen to a good chat about creating, grab a cup of tea and have a listen to a fine gentleman, who I have had the pleasant in learning about his work over the years and have the pleasure to present to you now. Link to: Garen Ewing Interview

Thank you, everyone...

UPDATE June 18th: For Window users, I've placed up a new page with the audio file on Real Player.

UPDATE Sept. 26, 2009: The Rainbow Orchid is now in the Springfield Library and others.

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