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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Sea Gull reviewed by Examiner writer Thomas Gladysz

"Had you not known it was self-published, any reader would assume this book the product of a major concern. It’s beautifully printed. The layout is attractive, and the text is informative. And what’s more, it’s the only book on an interesting and worthwhile subject." - Thomas Gladysz, Examiner (San Francisco).

On Friday, just before shutting down and leaving on a weekend get-a-way, we had a wonderful online surprise with a review of The Sea Gull "A Woman of the Sea" by Thomas Gladysz from San Francisco, writing for the Examiner. It's our first online 'newspaper' review, which is seen nationwide.

The article isn't only about The Sea Gull, but also about the state of publishing for silent film books these days, as traditional publishing houses are turning away from printing such subject matter. It is one of the reasons we self-published our book.

"These days, books on silent film are largely being published by mid-size, specialty, and university presses. McFarland continues its steady issuance of largely worthwhile books, and recently they have been joined in the field by BearManor." - Thomas Gladysz, Examiner

It is not everyday you see your project listed under Google News.

You can follow more of Thomas Gladysz's reports and reviews on silent films at the Examiner. We thank Mr. Gladysz, and all our readers, who have enjoyed our book, and of course, all our supporters who helped in creating The Sea Gull. We are getting a nice 'flood' of new orders from all over, which is cutting handsomely into our new second edition stock.

Also, to answer a few questions about our Lita Hill interview on DVD, we still plan to release about the same time as Edna's second book, which I am still researching. Currently, I have been doing more research on Edna's husband Jack. I am finding this most interesting, lately, as new items are starting to appear. And something is brewing in the background that I think would have made Edna and Jack very excited.

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