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Monday, February 08, 2010

Hollywood Walk of Fame 50th Year

Edna Purviance's name is not on the Walk of Fame, but I did place her name over Charlie Chaplin's star, as away to have fans envision her name being there one day.

The Facebook Group "Edna Purviance Is a Star" Walk of Fame petition drive has succeed in getting over the 1000 signatures needed, but they are still gathering signatures to help.

The other part is money, who group leader, Mahendra Prasad, will be looking into. It takes lots, as this video from the BBC will show.

The Walk of Fame celebrates it's 50th year and the BBC News has a special report about the Hollywood Walk of Fame from visitors to polishers.

If you have not signed Edna's petition yet, you can sign at this link. Thanks to everyone for your support on this drive! Maybe this image will come true, one day!

UPDATE: February 8, 2009, Ringo Starr received his Walk of Fame Star. Panorama of the event.

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