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Friday, January 05, 2007

Charlie Chaplin Mutuals - Salt Lake City

January 5, 2007 - Salt Lake City, Utah - The Organ Loft Theater in Salt Lake will be screening all twelve of the Chaplin Mutual films in order, for their 2007 Spring Silent Movie Series. They kick things off with 'The Floorwalker' on January 11th. Except for 'One AM', all the films feature Edna Purviance. See their link for more details!

A non-Chaplin film: If you haven't seen it, I viewed an emotionally moving film called 'Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont'. It was so nice to see a film without guns or four-letter words (at least I don't recall any). Just a touching story about the a widow's relationships with her family and the special person she meets along the way. The title refers to her taking up residence at the Claremont Hotel in London, England. It stars Joan Plowright and introduces Rupert Friend.

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