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Monday, January 08, 2007

Silent Film Events and Festivals

Currently happening in Silent Films

Charlie Chaplin Film Events
June 2, 2007 - UCLA - The Pilgrim - Live music event
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra with Timothy Brock, conducting
June 2, 2007 - Silent Film Benefit - Catalina Island - Chaplin and Bow
June 3, 9, 10 and 12th, 2007 -
Four Films Events in Japan with the Kyoto Symphony
August 30th and September 1, 2007 - Sydney, Australia -
The Gold Rush - Sydney Opera House

Silent Film Events and Festivals
While there are thousands of film festivals, with some showing a few silent films, this is a list of silent film festivals and events. Even these may show some talking films, but I tried to keep this list on just silent film events and ones with currently updated schedules.

United Kingdom
British Silent Cinema

Barbican Film Series

Bristol Silents

Le Giornate Del Cinema Muto

Bologna, Italy

IL CINEMA RITROVATO - June 30th - July 7th, 2007
30th Anniversary celebration since Charlie Chaplin's passing is being planned during this year's festival, with a major showing of Chaplin's films with live music and special exhibits of his work.

Australia Silent Film Festival

Amsterdam, Holland

Filmmuseum Biennale

United States

San Francisco
Silent Film Festival

Nile Essanay Silent Films (series of films and festivals)
10th Annual Broncho Billy Silent Film Festival
June 25th-July 1, 2007
Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Essanay (1907-2007)

Los Angeles
Silent Film Theatre

Cinecon - Labor Day Weekend (first weekend in Sept.)
Mixture of silent to 1950s films.
(Cinecon 43 - If like in the past, they will have the 43 program schedule on their site this summer. )

Silent Films Chicago

Topeka (follow-up on 2007 event)
Kansas Silent Film Festival

New York
Cinefest - Syracuse (Every March)
Link to 2007 event.

The Silent Clowns


Salt Lake City
The Organ Loft


The ElsinoreThe Elsinore still has a limited silent film series.

Columbus - Cinevent - Link to 2007 Event
Massillion - Cinesation - Link to 2007 Event

Sioux City
Orpheum Theater
Check event schedule for silent film showings

Chaplin Film and Music Events

Past Event 2007
Charlie Chaplin Play
- Charlie Chaplin Goes to War
February 1 - 17th, 2007 - Gateway Theatre
Richmond, British Columbia

Media Links for Silent Films

Television and Radio
Turner Class Movies - Silent Sunday Nights
Charlie and Edna on TCM
Check the BBC for silent film showings
and special radio broadcast

Stolen Moments - Donna Hill
Preview of 2007 is currently available
(mixture of shows with Kevin Brownlow, hopefully, again for an interview)

Theatre Events Worldwide
America Theatre Organ Society

Events in dark gray are past events.

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