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Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 - A Look Ahead...

Happy 2007 to everyone! One never knows what a new year has in store, but we hope this year will be a successful one for all!

When 2006 started, we had no idea we would be in Hollywood Labor Day Weekend showing the first documentary on Edna. I knew we had a great interview with Lita Hill, but I didn't even have my computer fully working to edit any of the video on January 1, 2006.

Who knows what this year will bring, but we do know we have a lot of work in the office to do this year!

As for the Lita Hill video, it is planned to be released after the our Edna Purviance biography is done, which will be sometime in 2008.

This year, we have Edna's first book The Sea Gull in the works. We nearly have all our test copies back and will start the re-write shortly. I don't have a date yet, but decided to start a contest for fans to be the first to know the release date. Later, these same fans will get updates and special information about Edna.

Besides The Sea Gull, we will be working on the biography about Edna and her family. At this point, it will take most of this year to prepare it. I have about 2/3 of the draft written, but it will go through many re-writes before it is finished. Lita Hill is also working on it, to help cover the later years of Edna's life. All this material has to be combined into one book. As I mentioned before, Edna's life has never been fully researched. Many things not fully researched have been written in books, then duplicated in other books. It takes much time to research all this material and to find new original material. I originally planned for The Sea Gull to be second, but The Sea Gull will be a special book for Edna and Chaplin fans to enjoy first. More on The Sea Gull, as we get closer to release.

On January 17th, 2007, I plan to make a special announcement at ednapurviance.org and Edna's Place. You will just have to come back for that one.

Dominique has informed me 'Santa' was very giving this Christmas with new Chaplin books. You will be seeing his new additions in the coming weeks, but first I have some special news coming about the library. The Chaplin Library will be seeing major changes this year, due to some very special work from one of our special Edna fans. As the English would say, I was gobsmacked upon the news! I am thrilled about the changes and I know fans should really like it too. I will fill you in with a special post in the coming weeks!

We will also be keeping an eye on the Kevin Brownlow and David Gill Hollywood Series. It was to be released on DVD in 2006, but held up due to copyright issues.

We like to thank all the people who have been entering their names to the Hollywood Walk of Fame Petition. We are continuing to help the Facebook group with gathering signatures for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The comments alone tell me what a loyal fan base Edna has. It is a long process, but great to see the interest. The deadline for signatures for this year is May 31, 2007. Check this link for more details.

I will be continuing to follow the developments at Grand View (where Edna is interred). This year includes the court cases. We thank Lisa Burks for her continued coverage on GV. I have been in contact with a few people on this matter and will be looking into it more this year.

One never knows for sure what the year will bring. Some are better than others, but I do know a lot of work will be involved as we work on two books about Edna Purviance. So I will be seeing lots of the office this year as work on the book kicks into high gear. Always nice to hear from fans, so do drop a note by once and while. I have one idea for an special event, but nothing in the works. But the first thing is to get The Sea Gull done and prepare for the final writing of the biography.

We thank you for visiting and for making 2006 another record breaking year. In fact, smashing last year's record. We thank all our visitors from around the world for your support and return visits!

Last Christmas I said Merry Christmas to the many different visitors in their language. This year, here is a list of some of the countries Edna and Charlie fans that have visited from in 2006: Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Japan, China, Australia, South Africa, The Republic of Congo, Italy, France, Germany, Paraguay, Vietnam, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Czech Republic, Peru, New Zealand, Netherlands, Thailand, Switzerland, Georgia, Ireland, Scotland, Korea, Denmark, Turkey, Kuwait, Lithuania, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Israel, England and the United States.

We hope you enjoy your visit at Edna's and look forward to your return!

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