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Monday, January 29, 2007

Cinematic Retrospective: Sea Gull mentioned on BlogTalkRadio

Late last night, I was wrapping up a full weekend of work on THE SEA GULL, when I did a little searching on the Web before turning in. I found a new classic film chat show starting on BlogTalkRadio called Cinematic Retrospective. This show is like a podcast but with one main difference, it is broadcast live, with fans able to call in.

They just started the program in January and ran a test show on January the 4th and 7th. I saw they had linked to Edna's site, which was very nice discovery. I listened to the test show and was very pleasantly surprised to hear them talking about THE SEA GULL. This was really the first time I heard people whom I don't know talking about our project, which was very enlightening, especially after working on that project all weekend. The segment turned into a chat about Chaplin and his leading ladies that ran for several minutes, which was revealing in itself.

It you like to listen, you can find their download program at this LINK. They have a schedule of future shows, but it appears you have to send an email address for the live broadcast times. The past programs are available to hear.

We will have much more about The Sea Gull, but at this point we are in the final stages of the rewrites, after hearing from our manuscript readers. We have a few more major stages to go before we go fully public. This will be the very first book to feature Edna Purviance, but not the only one, since we have the full biography in the works. This book will be an introduction to Edna and have information never seen before about her, but also information on the film which was created for her by Josef von Sternberg and produced by Charles Chaplin. Chaplin never released the film. (You can check our older post that talks about this project.)

For our fans who entered the contest, I will have more for you in February, but for now, I need to keep focused on the project at hand. It was great to hear Sea Gull mentioned 'on air'. Much more to come, but it all takes time, as we do this project in our free time. So do watch for more, have a listen to Cinematic Retrospective, and thanks to them for the mention of THE SEA GULL on your program! The best to you with your program!

UPDATE February 5th: The programs are scheduled live, Thursday nights at 10PM Central Time. Click on PROGRAMMING GUIDE and select FILMS. Also for Mac users, see this link for help in hearing the programs, if you have problems and I found Firefox browser works the best.


Edna's Place said...

I had a listen to the February 1 show this weekend. I couldn't listen to it live for we were busy, but interesting background on the early film 'A Trip to the Moon'. Also, they had a Chaplin Film collection they gave away.

They pick up a sponsor for the program too. It is the soon to be released ICONS magazine.

I believe the next show is February 8th, 10PM Central time, but do contact the host for correct time and date.

Edna's Place said...

February 4th, 2007 - Update on The Sea Gull: Sorry it seems to take so long but we got very busy with our business lately, so put me a bit behind in getting more work done on the Sea Gull this last week. But will be spending many evenings this week working on. More to come...

Edna's Place said...

If you were trying to listen to the broadcast Thursday evening, and it didn't appear to be on, I learn this morning, the host had a situation come up that caused a long delay. There is a shorten version of the show on their site.