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Monday, January 01, 2007


Follow up: I do watch American Football (well, I never liked it growing up, but my husband got me hooked many years ago) and we follow the Denver Broncos. Sunday the team lost their chance to be in the playoffs. Actually, they were not playing well enough this year to be in it, so just as well to 'call it a day' Sunday. We thought that was it until next year.

Monday morning the alarm goes off and the first words off the NPR station was the tragic drive-by shooting of Denver's starting CB, Darrent Williams, who was killed in his limo. He was actually a bright spot on the team, with some of the best plays for the year. No one has been arrested for the shooting as this writing. He was a kid who made it out of the 'other side of the tracks' as the saying goes.

While the day started off on a tragic note, the day ended with the best college football game I personally ever seen. Boise State Broncos (who wear the same colors and name as Denver) won against Oklahoma in overtime. The team best known for their blue turf and being from the potato state, played a whale of a game and smashed their way through to a perfect season. Nice to see the old home state do well! Go Broncos!

(Boise, Idaho is the most likely place where Edna's parents first met.)

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