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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lisa's story hits the LA Daily News website

January 17th update: I have been informed by Lisa, this article has appeared in print at the LA Daily News.

UPDATE: Lisa's Burk's story about Edna Purviance and Grand View has hit the LA Daily News website today. Lisa said it is getting good interest. I know this story has been getting good interest here too. LINK to LA Daily News

On a follow up note, I have been doing more research into this matter. I am checking again about a letter in the family collection that concerned Grand View. On another front, I have dug up some more interesting facts about this, but the most important one at the moment concerns moving Edna from Grand View.

Because of California state laws, it is not that easy to move Edna from Grand View to anywhere. Edna's current family (her grand nieces) are not considered close enough family to just move Edna out of Grand View without a court order. Edna has no direct family (she had no children) and all other close family have died long ago. But the family is working on the situation at this time.

Thanks to some special help today, I do know Edna's remains were delivered to Grand View on February 17, 1958, a full month after Edna's cremation and funeral at Forest Lawn. Also, there were only two plots purchased at Forest Lawn by Edna's mother, Louise Nurnberger, 23 years before Edna died. We are tracing more of the history, but it does raise the question on Edna's true wishes. It is speculative on all our parts at the moment.

I am doing more research, talking to more officials and talking to the family. I like to thank everyone who has written in the last few days. I will continue to research the matter.

I am also posting updates at ednapurviance.org

JANUARY 3rd FOLLOW UP: I want to share with you a comment from Lisa Burks. Lisa has done a lot of writing in the Los Angeles area and have worked with lots of different people, so here is what she has to say about the fans of Edna Purviance:

"Edna fans are the best, you and your readers are truly above average when it comes to caring about silent film stars!" - Lisa Burks, LA Daily News

Lisa will be doing continuing coverage of the Grand View Case as it goes to trial. Follow her reports on her blog throughout the case. LINK

January 23, 2007 - Lisa's Edna Purviance's article appeared in print on January 11, 2007, in the LA Daily News.

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I have not seen it yet, but thanks to Lisa, I have been sent a copy of the article from the LA Daily News.