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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Cinema Museum - London, England

The Cinema Museum building in London planned for Demolition?
In 2000, my husband and I took a private tour with local London historian Tony Merrick. One of the stops on the tour was The Cinema Museum, tucked away in the workhouse area where Charlie Chaplin had to live during his childhood.

Recently I have had word from a classic film fan in London the museum will have to move due to a demolition project going on at their location. At this time I don't know if they found a new location, but very difficult to move, with prices of properties in London. But very sad to read this historical location is planned to be destroyed as well.

For a sample of the collection and meet the staff at The Cinema Museum, here is a video tour of the museum by Ronald Grant:

To learn more about the museum and the current situation, visit The Cinema Museum at this link.

Update: October 14, 2007 article from the Guardian Unlimited about the Museum.

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