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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Sea Gull 'A Woman of the Sea' Update

We (including all the partners in Leading Ladies) have been going through the second Sea Gull proof book this week in preparing the book for its publication date. (The more eyes, the better to spot misspellings or adjustments.)

After months of black and white proofs, this has been the first chance for everyone to see the printed color edition. We will be testing a hardbound copy once we have all the work finished for the softbound version. There are a few items that need correcting and we will be adding a small thing or two as well.

When you work on a long-term project like this, you start getting accustomed to certain things. Like now I know the difference in appearance between Edna and her sister Myrtle.

There were several years during Edna's life when her sister Myrtle looked very much like Edna, especially in the face. Myrtle was a bit taller than Edna, but there are photos where if you didn't look closely and didn't know what to look for, you could mistake Myrtle for Edna.

Even the family was confused at times, as a family member wrote Edna's name below a photo of Myrtle in one of the albums. At a glance, and especially if Myrtle was in the right pose, you would think the photo was of Edna.

I have one such photo in the book and will be making it clear, that the person in the photo is NOT Edna.

Also, this book really is focused on The Sea Gull, with an introduction to Edna. The later biography we are working on will focus on Edna and her Nevada family. So, while this book will not feature all of Edna's family members, it does introduce you to her sisters (Bessie and Myrtle), mother (Louise) and nephew, Sidney Morgan Hill. These people were a huge part of her whole life, but in reading publish material written about Edna, you would never know about that role of her family.

On another front, Wes Wada has been designing Edna's e-commerce site slated for ednapurviance.COM, which will be the sales home for the book and other items. This will all go public once I have a release date. So watch your emails, if you happen to be on the special contest list. We should have a publication date coming pretty soon.

Again, thanks for the emails concerning the project and your support of Edna Purviance. I think she might be surprised how many fans she has now...

To see a few images of the book, check out our current A Brief Glimpse. Special thanks to Lita and Ellie. (We are getting there...)

November 3rd - Very busy with normal work this week, so things have slowed a bit on The Sea Gull. But on the upside, receiving some good items for updates for the book, so waiting for more feedback. Just takes time. A lot of work on SG this coming week. More as it happens...

The Sea Gull is available at ednapurviance.com.

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