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Monday, October 22, 2007

Second Proof book of The Sea Gull Arrived!

Today the second Sea Gull proof books have arrived! I say books, because we ordered a few.

We have been continuing to edit, even as the second proof book was being printed. (A special shout out to a couple of Leading Ladies who has been a great help through all of this!)

We needed to send the second one out quickly to test for layout corrections and color, so we can move ahead with the hardback edition.

It is great to see the paperback editions are coming out as we hoped. We have a minor correction on a file and I have some words to fix, but a relief to be at this stage and a bit more relaxing to see we are getting through the printing process.

We will have a few review copies out, and working on the final edits until we are ready to go public. This is all in preparation for the final public release book, still on schedule for this year.

It took awhile to sort out a camera problem, but here is one image of the full six copies we have ordered. I have a few more images on the Brief Glimpse page. (Note: The covers are glossy, so the photography lighting is shining off them a bit.)

Thanks again for your continued interest in this project! We are getting there...

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