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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Don LaFontaine, the voice of movies, has died

You may not know him by sight, but you know his voice, for his voice has introduced more films than anyone in the last 30 years.

Don LaFontaine, who has been seen in the car insurance commercials the last couple of years and recorded over 5,000 trailers, died Monday from complications from a long illness. He was 68 years old... more>

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 4, 2008 - Bill Melendez has died
Bill Melendez, Peanuts animator (and voice of Snoopy) has died at the age of 91. more>

"In 1948, Melendez joined UPA, whose innovative approach to animation delighted him.

"The animation we were doing was not limited, but stylized," he recalled in an interview in 1986.

"When you analyze Chaplin's shorts, you realize people don't move that way--he stylized his movements.

We were going to do the same thing for animation. We were going to animate the work of Cobean, Steinberg--all the great cartoonists of the moment--and move them as the designs dictated." - Los Angeles Times

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