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Monday, September 15, 2008

September 15th news updates...

September 15, 2008 - Comedian Wonderful Smith dies at age 97. more>
"When Charlie Chaplin saw Smith rehearsing, he suggested the comedian refine his material in private, said Patricia Willard, a writer who interviewed Smith for a 1988 Smithsonian audio recording that documented parts of "Jump for Joy."

Chaplin said, "If he rehearses out in the open, Bob Hope's and Jack Benny's legmen will steal his material, and his routine will be stale," according to Willard." - LA Times

Rainbow Orchid officially listed at Egmont UK and Special Guest
September 15, 2008
- If you followed my sites over the years, you know I am a huge fan of The Rainbow Orchid, by the talented UK artist and writer, Garen Ewing. Today, The Rainbow Orchid has its own official page on Egmont site.

First volume of The Rainbow Orchid will be published by Egmont in 2009.

UPDATE APRIL 1, 2009 - The Rainbow Orchid by Garen Ewing is schedule to release August 4, 2009. more>

I am truly looking forward to this book, featuring the adventure of Julius Chancer, along with silent film star Lily Lawrence, on their quest to find the mythical flower (The Rainbow Orchid) to help save Lily's father from the 'villainous' Urkaz Grope. (Follow this link to learn more.)

Set in the 1920s, this beautifully drawn story would make a great addition to anyones collection.

I will be placing updates on this project.

Also, you can catch Garen's work in future editions of the UK comic The DFC. He will have a series called 'Charlie Jefferson and the Tomb of Nazaleod'. Garen is scheduled to be part of The DFC panel at the Birmingham International Comics Show, the weekend of Oct. 4-5. (Interview about The DFC.)

Update March 2009 on the DFC: Sad news about The DFC. The comic publication has been put up for sale by Random House. If not sold by March 27, 2009, the comic will stop publication at issue #43.

Update: Garen Ewing Special Guest at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, October 24, 2008
September 16th, 2008
- Garen Ewing will be discussing graphic novels and getting an agent as part of the New Writing North Roadshow event at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Friday, October 24th, 2008. See this LINK for more on the event and PDF program.

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