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Monday, September 01, 2008

It's Politics month at TCM

With conventions, debates and a very important election coming in about eight weeks, TCM is showing a series of films dealing with politics. While there are many interesting ones, here are my pick of four to see: The Best Man, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Abe Lincoln in Illinois and Gabriel Over the White House.

See this link for more films on this topic each Wednesday night in September, and be sure to be ready to vote come November 4th.

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Edna's Place said...

I have been asked this over the years, but Edna voted for the Democratic Party. Her mother and sister Bessie were amount the first to vote in her state of Nevada, before the US granted the right for women to vote nationwide.

This was not an issue as it is today, but Edna was on the pro-choice side. She even had friends that were the first to create the Family Planning movement in the US.

While she didn't go marching, she did support women who were fighting for more control of their lives to have more options than marrying young and starting a family. Her mother supported an education for all her daughters, which they all did, in some form.