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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 17th updates...

September 17, 2008 - Found this on the internet recently :
11110 Edna Purviance Drive
7 Phase F Lovelock NV
I am trying to check this out to see if this is just a named road on private property, or an official name. The 'Drive' is onto a desert lot near Lovelock, so could be a privately named road or just a 'name catcher' for the web. I will see if I get word back.

September 17, 2008
- The historic El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood is for sale. more>

September 17, 2008
- Samuel Goldwyn (Beverly Hills) family estate is up for sale. more>

September 17, 2008
- Here is a LINK to an August 2008 program on 'All Things Considered' about "Remembering Hollywood's Hays Code, 40 Years On"

September 17, 2008 - If you live or visiting in the Chicago area, do check out the Gene Siskel Film Center for array of films and lectures on films. Link to Center>

September 17, 2008 - Web 'Sighting'
I don't know if it was the real 1938 film of Education de Prince, but a short clip was on youtube, but removed by youtube.

Reason given for it being removed states:
"removed due to terms of use violation"

I didn't see this clip and it is NOT the film version Edna Purviance starred in 1927, but I have been looking for this 1938 film too, to compare to images in the current collection. I will keep searching for both.

I do think if Edna's 1927 version is still around, it maybe hiding in a France or other European archive or film collection, with managers who may not know what it is or even know they have it.

So if you surf the web for Education de Prince and see the youtube link, you will see an image, apparently from the 1938 version of the film (NOT the 1927), but the video gone.

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