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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bits and Pieces for November 2010

November 25th is edna's .org 9th anniversary! The site will be heading into 10 years on the web in 2011. Since the anniversary falls on Thanksgiving in the USA, I still plan to have something on the 25th, since Edna's site is visited by a worldwide audience. So watch for it!

Meanwhile, I am starting my annual updating on the site, a bit earlier this year. So some changes, here and there, at times, the next few weeks.

Starting to get back into writing Edna's bio, which isn't easy, since work always comes first, but got some more pages done this week. I have a special spot to write it, but you won't know where, until you read the book. I won't be writing a lot about it at this stage. I rather be writing the book than writing about writing it.

I was going to do a report on The Chaplin Conference, but I am thinking of doing another video, instead (trying to find the right copyright free music, with no luck, so far). The conference was more of a personal event, for me, as it was a chance to finally meet people I never met, and see again a handful, I have. So I don't know if my report would be that exciting for a general fan.

It was a packed event, and I didn't see everything, but I have loads more pictures, so maybe some kind of report will be created out of it. If you haven't seen the two videos I have done for it, you can look here. But thanks for asking about that! I will give it more of a thought about writing something, but no promises. Really like to spend the time of EP's bio, at the moment.

Thanks for all the recent Sea Gull purchases! We still have books and plan to restock, so if you haven't gotten one, we are still in business, with happy customers keeping the book going. I sold all the books I had with me at The Chaplin Conference. (I know some publishers could have killed this project, because they are more interested in big profit, than steady sales. But we had steady sales since we started, and for not doing anything more, than being on the web, very happy to be still in business. The book will be available, as long as fans want it.

Not much more, at the moment. I know some will be (or have) started their Thanksgiving week, so have a good one. I will be working away here, with no travel plans, and probably watching the snow fly, as we head into a deep freeze right now. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! And if around, come by for Edna's 9th Anniversary Thursday!

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