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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Flying, the American Airways, Way!

It was 1933, and flying was quickly becoming the popular way to travel, for those who could afford it. At about twice the price of a train ticket, you could fly instead of taking the rails to where you wanted to go.

Edna Purviance's husband, Jack Squire, was a flight Captain for American Airways in 1933, the same year this promotional film was made. (This was before Edna and Jack met.) Jack flew the eastern routes, including to New York City, for American Airways. It was just one of the many routes Jack flew, as he worked for the top airlines of the day, including Pan Am.

Grab a hot mug of your favorite beverage, and enjoy this trip back, to when airline travel was new and everyone was first class when they flew...

(I need to check this out, but I have read the cost for this flight was about $5.25. By train, $2.50)

Follow-up: A contrasting look at travel today vs. yesterday. (Does this really make everyone safer?) Happy flying!

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