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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Charlie Chaplin & Edna Purviance shopping 2010

Christmas Shopping 2010
Shopping for that silent film fan???
Or that Edna and Charlie fan on your list?

The Niles Essanay Gift Shop. Photo from Michael Bonham.

If you are shopping for a silent film fan, the choices have not been better! Loads of books and DVDs and even Blu-Ray discs are available for many films now. Here is a quick list of places and links to get some ideas for your silent fan on your list who are Edna Purviance and Charlie Chaplin fans.

1) Live in the San Francisco Bay Area? The perfect place to 'go shopping' would be the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum and gift shop in Fremont, California. A variety of silent film books, and much more, is available at their store. Do some shopping and watch a film at the Edison Theatre, would make for a perfect Saturday this holiday season. LINK

2) Looking for that special Chaplin book? Check out Dominique Dugros Chaplin Library and Database. This is the largest collection online. While there are rare hard to find books, there are loads of new books, available, as well. I have many with links as to where available. Check it out at these links: DATABASE | LIBRARY INDEX

3) Charlie Chaplin or Edna Purviance films for home viewing and more: Whether it is the latest Chaplin releases, like the new restored Chaplin at Keystone, or a rare out of print film, like the Chaplin Image Entertainment collection, you may find exactly what you are looking for at the Chaplin Film Guide and Shop. Take a browse through. LINK

4) Charlie Chaplin music fan? Check out this link to help find that perfect music, for your fan on your list. Chaplin Music guide

5) The rare Hollywood Series by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill. It should be on DVD, but still available on VHS (from private sellers). LINK

6) And of course, we have The Sea Gull by Linda Wada available online at ednapurviance.com. Except for the Niles Museum store, it is the ONLY place the book is available online. LINK
(Still have some in stock, with more planned for order.)

These are mainly for Chaplin and Purviance, but loads more are out there. Again, the selection has never been better. Happy Shopping!

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