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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Sea Gull book update...

We are very excited here with a couple of things! In a few hours I will post the special January 17th announcement. But right now, a special book update about The Sea Gull.

We just received our special printed test book back. It was to test layout, fonts and how the photos would look, before going into final production. And we have to say, we are thrilled with the results.

We never printed with an on-demand-printer before (and frankly worried), but seeing this result today is a great relief! I have heard good things and this helps prove it. We are pulling together over 25 years in printing, layout and photography skills to get the best results possible for the book printing. We know this is our first 'live' test, but so far, we are very pleased!

Update: This is a very quick picture of the limited page sample test book. Mainly to show you we are working on it. At this time, we plan about 100-120 pages, but nothing is final at this stage. The size will be 8 1/2 by 11 inches. (To give you an idea of size, the book behind The Sea Gull is Maurice Bessy, 1983 French edition Charlie Chaplin.)

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Edna's Place said...

Note for Contest Entries:
Thanks again to everyone entering the contest. I plan to do a test email of our new list in the next couple of weeks.

And just so you know, after a spell of very busy work with our business, we now have a bit of free time to move ahead with re-writes of The Sea Gull. These are the final re-writes before layout.

We will have one more test book of the final book, correct that issue, and onto final book for sell. So a bit of time still, but getting closer now.