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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Carl Davis interview with CBSO

In October 2006, Carl Davis started his 70th birthday celebration with a series of silent film concerts including one with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (posted here last year). The concert featured films of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, all with live music conducted by Carl Davis.

Born in New York City, Davis has built a career with his musical work in Britain, which includes television, film and his special work with silent film. Most noted for Chaplin fans with his work with Kevin Brownlow and David Gill with the UNKNOWN CHAPLIN series.

In September 2006, Mr. Davis recorded a twenty-eight minute interview for CBSO about his career and work. It is available in a full version under September 2006 Podcast Extras or a *shorten version under the October 2006 Podcast. (*The shorten version is the second interview in a series of interviews.)

Full Version | Shorter Version (second interview)

CBSO occasionally show silent films with Mr. Davis. Also, check Carl Davis's web site for his latest performances. (Currently, Mr. Davis is doing his October 2006-2007 70th Birthday Season tour. See his site for current events.)

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