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Saturday, April 21, 2007

David Attenborough and the Lyre Bird

At times, I share other interests here and being Earth Day weekend, this is somewhat related...

While Charlie and Edna fans know Richard Attenborough and his work with the film 'Chaplin', Richard's brother, David Attenborough, has worked in the film industry for years with his nature series. Filming in many corners of the world, he has film of areas that could be gone in years to come.

A clip that became very popular in the UK has been the one showing the Lyre Bird. This shy bird imitates the sounds around him. If you have not seen this clip yet, I will let you listen to this piece introduced by presenter Bill Oddie and followed by David Attenborough (full clip 3 minutes 58 seconds).

I know Edna would have been interested in seeing this. Edna loved animals and even owned birds at her Columbia, South America and Los Angeles homes.

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