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Saturday, April 21, 2007

SP4449 and Union Pacific 844 Excursion

Puget Sound Steam Special - May 19th, 2007
Last fall I placed a link on Edna's site about the SP 4449. (Sixth Year posting.) This was a train Edna could have rode during the 1940s, during her many trips between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

For the first time, the SP 4449 and the Union Pacific 844 will have a special double excursion between the cities of Tacoma and Everett, Washington.
Since the SP 4449 is in Portland, Oregon some of you may get a glimpse of it on its way to Tacoma and back. For more information and for tickets about this special event called Puget Sound Steam Special, check with the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation or The Friends of SP 4449.

Trips like this can't replace the time Edna and Charlie lived in and traveled by train, but they do help you experience a 'taste' of what life by rail was like during their day. As for the UP 844, that engine ran as one of its routes, the Overland Limited. This route was between Oakland and Chicago, the same route Chaplin took in January 1915, just before meeting Edna.

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