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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Grand View Gravesite sold Twice?

April 4, 2007 - Glendale Press report a burial site at Grand View Cemetery looks to have been sold twice, as signs of casket appeared while digging a plot on Monday. The planned Tuesday funeral was canceled.

"It was one of the most … upsetting things I've done in a long time, to go tell that family that they couldn't put their father in that grave," said Paul Ayers, an attorney representing people suing the cemetery.

The discovery Monday of what attorneys say appear to be a plot that was double-sold was the latest in a string of scandals at Glendale's oldest cemetery." - Glendale Press

Detailed Story at this link

April 23 - The family for this case have filed a lawsuit. As for the current GV case, the next hearing is May 3rd. As for Edna's situation, no news at this time. While the family have some plans, nothing can be done until the current court case is settled.

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