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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sridevi creation of Charlie Chaplin

In our Edna Purviance 'Angel from Nevada' interview with Lita Hill, Lita talks about Edna doing little skits re-creating some of Charlie Chaplin's acts during her childhood. A glimpse of that spirit is seen in the newly discovered films showing Edna's personal life.

In the future, fans will have a chance to see Edna in those films, but for now, a bit from the past from a Bollywood actress who re-created Chaplin.

India actress, Sridevi, is noted for her impersonation of Charlie Chaplin in the 1987 Bollywood film 'Mr. India'. Her performance:

"won her rave reviews and gave her the name Miss Hawa Hawai while the Charlie Chaplin act in the film remains an unforgettable performance. " (about her from wikipedia)

Recently her performance has been added to the youtube collection. It is not silent, but she does a very nice job capturing Chaplin's spirit.

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