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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bits and Pieces

A few more Bits and Pieces for March 2009

Edna's book
Work continues on the Purviance book. While I have started writing on the earlier years again, the main research is into Jack's family (Edna's husband). While I got many photos and personal information from the Hills from the later years (they actually knew Jack), background material on Jack's family was not as plentiful. Lita was working on it, but her health was an issue in getting as much as she wanted to get done.

While I know where Jack was born and I found out where he actually grew up (now), the process is very slow in gathering the information (and very costly). This month I have spent nearly 20 hours in the library reading films, and only scratching the surface. Interlibrary loans are not easy to get in my town anymore and the cost has increased a great deal. (It makes me so glad I got the bulk of Edna's research done, when I did.)

I am thinking I may have to take a trip to find more on Jack, but it's not to an area I ever had much interest in traveling too. (I rather go to England and research more on Edna's mother, but Jack didn't grow up in England.) But I have to keep gathering more information before I can even plan a trip. So, just plugging away on it...

Chaplin Library
As noted earlier, I have been slowly updating the regular Chaplin Library. Much more to go, as I update information and start moving more 'books' into the regular library. Very slow, because it requires moving many anchor links on the index and book pages. Move one book, and it changes the anchors on all the rest around it, so slowly working on that. One of the main reasons for the database. Much easier to update and to search for books.

Brief Glimpse
If you haven't notice, I updated recently.

Chaplin Music
I have a special post (and page for Edna's site) coming about Chaplin's music.

Japan fans and The Sea Gull
I received a very nice letter recently from Shunichi Ohkubo in Japan about the recent Chaplin Society Event. He showed 420 photos from his own collection on Charlie Chaplin.

He also shared with me the interest on The Sea Gull and Edna in Japan. (In fact, I am sending more books for our Japanese fans.) Edna would have really enjoyed hearing this, since she had a keen interest in Japan. She also had many fans who wrote to her from Japan during her film career. She was a favorite with the college age students. Some of these letters still exist in the Hill Collection and will be shared in the second book about Edna.

Chaplin Birthday Event
Still time to get your entries in for the Chaplin Birthday Crossword Challenge. All the forms with the right answers will be placed in the drawing. The winner will receive a copy of The Sea Gull with 8x10 cover photo. (Over $55 value.) So get those entries in, to have a chance to win! (Note: The answers are on Edna's .org site and in a couple of Edna's films. Just have to seek them out.)

More The Sea Gull books coming
I placed a new order for books to re-stock my supply. We are very pleased to see the book selling even after having to increase the cover cost. But I wasn't pleased to see the shipping and printing cost has gone up even more after we learned of the last big increase. (Never received any notice on the latest increase.) I will not be adding any increases at this time. Just hope things don't go much higher.

I had a few thoughts of maybe creating a totally black and white version, but it will take a great deal of time. You just don't print your current colour version into black and white. All the pages have to be re-adjusted to do it correctly. Plus, I don't like the type of paper used for the black and white books with our printers (thin weigh and poor in quality), so not something I am excited about creating. (And no, I don't plan on an online version or disc version. Maybe a few preview pages, but not the whole book.)

Another postage increase in May 2009
The post office is planning yet another price increase starting May 11, 2009. This is after increases added in January 2009! First class stamps will be going up to 44 cents each. Other prices going up too. (Makes one wish they bought a basket load of those forever stamps.)

Thoughts on New Item for Edna
I had a thought of creating limited edition buttons (or badges, as they are also called) for Edna. But don't know if the interest would be high enough to do it. I am thinking a 2 inch button, in full color, for sale at probably under $5 plus shipping.) Limited editions are higher in cost to produce, because you only get the price breaks for large orders. Plus, I have only one option locally for creating the buttons and actually have a person I can talk too, instead of just online. If there appears to be interest, I may do it. Write in and let me know.

For those who can watch it, remember Chaplin is on TCM on April 16th. (I do wish they would do an evening event, again, instead of just during the day, but as least Chaplin on TCM.) That's all for now.

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