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Monday, March 09, 2009

Have you seen this Charles Chaplin doll?

We are looking for anyone who
might have seen this
Charlie Chaplin doll.

We do have some thoughts about it, as it could be a repaired original Chaplin doll or maybe a re-created doll from the porcelain head, hands and feet.

The dolls porcelain parts show great detail and age. We are lead to think this was re-built or recreated, due to the fact the feet have been reversed. Also some of the sewing details appear to be re-sewn.

Here is a list of more information on the doll:
• 490mm high (about 20 inches)
• all china and/or porcelain head, feet and hands
• hands once held a cane
• hat is made of felt (could have been made at a later date)
• hair, face and shoes all painted
• stuffing feels like rags or wool cotton
• hands show veins
• doll found in the UK
• Owner can not find any markings

If you have seen this Charlie Chaplin doll, or have seen parts of it, we would really like to hear from you. You can contact us at charlie[at]info-fx.com. Ednapurviance.org is helping the owner to seek information about this doll. Thanks for your help... Linda

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May 6, 2009 Update: Here is the post for Clint Matlock's Chaplin Doll.

June 25, 2010 - Update: Images of another one of these dolls. I don't have the complete information, but at least you can see another one that is with its original box. (Images sent and told from an auction. Probably ebay.)


Edna's Place said...

So far, I only heard back from a few of the people who collect Chaplin dolls. They have not seen this one before. Two of them agree, though, it could be a doll re-created from other Chaplin parts.

Just keep searching in the meantime...

clint said...

I own this doll in its original state I think. Hes a wonderful doll please call me for pics as I am willing to sell him if someone is interested...clint 5735768579 U.S.

clint said...

I have his cane and suit and he is in PERFECT condition. I would struggle to part with him but he is the only chaplin doll I own.

clint said...


Unknown said...

I have Two chaplins, both ceramic and in far condition. The first doll is 20", ceramic head, hands and feet, with velvet suit and tie, white shirt, velet hat, metal cane. The second is 6" tall, ceramic head with hat, ceramic hands, feet, felt grey pants, felt black tux jacket. I could send you pictures if you like. Sarah Miles

Edna's Place said...

Hi Sarah,
You can send, if you like. Could post on the same page.

Thanks for writing in,

Sheryl said...

I have this same porcelain Chaplin doll which measures almost 23" tall. Velvet hat, jacket and trousers, white shirt, red felt bowtie. The cane is missing. I do believe yours has been repaired per your pictures. I would welcome information regarding date and company of manufacture as well as value. I can find next to nothing about this doll in the internet. soullyblues@yahoo.com


Edna's Place said...

Hi Sheryl,
Actually, I do have an update I should add to this post! It was offered on ebay quite a while back and I was sent the images. I filed the images and have not updated here yet. So I should do that now. But it doesn't show the maker, but does show it in the original box. And in better shape too and looks like the one you mention. Only one I have seen since these. Updated post coming.


jonbec said...

I have a Charlie Chaplin doll very similar to the one you are looking for(photos attached). I have had him about 20 years but unfortunately it has been in the shed draw for the last 5 years collecting dust.

Unknown said...

I have two of these dolls one with box. They were made in the late 70's-80's and sold through magazines like Doll Reader, TV Guide and the National Enquirer. I am a doll collector and I especially collect anything to do with Charlie! I have also created my own "Little Tramp" doll.

Edna's Place said...

Thanks, Lisa, for the added information!

kristyshadburn said...

i have one of these dolls the one on the bottom in black its in far condition the hair is lose and boe tie is missing wht age is these dolls and are they worth anything thanks

Edna's Place said...

Depends on the condition. I have been told the bottom one was in the 70s-80s?

If in box and mint condition, they would be worth the most, but haven't seen any show up in auction in quiet a while, so can't give a current price. Anytime one shows up, I try to post here.

Thanks for writing about yours,

Unknown said...

is there somewhere i could send u pics

Unknown said...

Also mine is in the box

Edna's Place said...

Hello Alyssa - I have been busy with other things the last month, so not on the web as much. As for the doll, I am not interested in buying, just learning more about it. If you are interested in selling yours, I could maybe direct some people your way, who are more into collecting. You could contact Edna official site. Thanks for writing.