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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tintin, Spielberg and Jackson

"The Tintin comicbook series about a globetrotting teenaged boy reporter, which originated 80 years ago in Belgium, is wildly popular in many countries around the world. In the U.S., however, the character is little-known, especially among children." - Variety

File this one under my 'other interest file' as my husband has emailed me this piece from Variety about Tintin, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, about the much secret filming of Tintin, the movie. LINK

As for the statement above, it is basically true. You had to be into comics to have known about Tintin in the states. Superheros and Disney 'toons' ruled most of the shelf space where I lived. Tintin was not available in bookstores and for that matter, I never saw it in my libraries until ten years old, or so. (Probably as the internet got popular and people started requesting it.)

I did have to travel to a larger city to find any Tintin books to purchase in a store (even today). I found a very nice Tintin shop that opened about 2002, or so, in one city. But when I went back to that shop, about a year later, the shop had closed.

is a great comic, but was drowned out my American comics.

We have a local comic store, not usual for a town our size, I visited one day. I went there looking for Tintin and other UK and European comics. The owner at the desk made a face and continued to say there wasn't anything worth buying outside the US.

How wrong you are sir!

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