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Monday, July 19, 2010

BBC 1 "The One Show' Charlie Chaplin July 21

UK Charlie Chaplin Fans: BBC ONE "The One Show" (7PM) will have a special segment about Charlie Chaplin on their Wednesday, July 21st program (this week). Online version available only in the UK, after the broadcast. Link to 'The One Show'

UPDATE: The broadcast is online for visitors in the UK to see. Click the The One Show link for the player for July 21, 2010 program. It will feature David Robinson talking about the Zepped (the clip that was making a buzz earlier this year).

Update: BBC 4 Radio (for all visitors) - The Film Programme - Sunday July 16, 2010 - Includes Neil Brand talking about 'The Immigrant' with Matthew Sweet. Link to player (active at time of post).


Unknown said...

we also have a Glen David Gold interview where he talks a little bit about Sunnyside, his book that includes Chaplin as one of its protagonists…

Edna's Place said...

Thanks Joel,
So I am clear on this, you will be feature on this BBC one program Wednesday night? - Linda

Edna's Place said...

Like to do a little shout out to the Chaplin followers...

Edna's Place said...

UK Fans: I got this report from the UK on this program from Chaplin fan Sarah Louise Howard:

The segment has just finished, only 5 minutes long but very interesting, and it featured David Robinson. A business man from Essex bought off Ebay a previously forgotten Chaplin short from 1916, called Zepped, where he brings down a German zeppelin. If you are able to watch it online it's on at about the 7th minute. :)

Still wasn't sure if you met Gold to be on this BBC program, but if so, maybe it will show another evening. Have a good Con in San Diego! - L