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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Genealogy find at the annual 4th of July book sale

Every year, our library holds a popular 4th of July book sale that benefits the city library. In the past I found many silent film books, from private collections donated to the library for the sale. This time, while I found no silent film books, I did find a whole section on genealogy (the first time they had these books in the sale). Looking closer, the books appear to be from one college library collection. In other words, a college library removing their Genealogy Library section.

I talked to a librarian in California a few years ago about his collection of rare microfilms from the 1910s. His great collections came from a dumpster outside a high school library, that was removing their research section of their high school library to make room for computers. He grabbed boxes of rare microfilms and placed into his college library, instead. I am afraid to say, this sort of thing is common.

This group? Cost me $9, which included the full 1790 census reports for seven states. The England and Wales reference book is great for tips on reading UK census reports, including English handwriting from its era.

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Anonymous said...

amazing congrats on your awesome find!