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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Charlie Chaplin mentioned in Nixon Memos

The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum just released over 100,000 papers from the Nixon White House years as President. One document discuss President Richard Nixon meeting Charlie Chaplin at the Lincoln Center in New York for a salute, followed by meeting the president at the White House:

One memo discusses an invitation President Nixon received to attend a salute to Charlie Chaplin at Lincoln Center in New York. It notes the successful film career Chaplin had had.

"Despite the generosity of the nation toward him," it reads, "there was considerable discussion during the 1930s and 1940s about Chaplin's loyalty to even our form of government, much less the government itself."

White House press spokesman Ken. W. Clawson concluded: "I consider it inappropriate and inadvisable for us to even consider the possibility of having Charlie Chaplin come and meet with the president."- The Orange County Register

Updated Note: Long story but the short of it, Charlie Chaplin was refused re-entry into the United States by the US government in 1952. It would be 1972, before Chaplin would return to America for a short visit. He asked by the Academy of Art and Sciences to receive a special Academy Award at the 1972 Oscars presentation. It was Chaplin's last visit to America. He was driven by his old studio, but it is said, he never got out of the car to walk on its grounds again.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that's amazing I guess you never really would realize how famous the man was.
Everyone knew who he was. I mean to be honest I knew who he was before I ever knew who he was... if that makes sense ha ha.