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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home tour of Charlie Chaplin Studio Lot

Decided to re-share this 'hand held' video tour of Charlie Chaplin's Studio lot. Shana Dennis brought this to my attention on her site, so re-sharing here. The woman who did the video actually works for the current company who own Charlie's old lot, so she decided to give this personal tour. - Thanks, Shana for the video find!


Anonymous said...

no worries! I really want to go see his studio one day! Shame I live so far away :(

Edna's Place said...

Know the feeling... I don't get to LA very often, still along way for me, but took this when I was involved with Lita Hill in doing an event in Hollywood a few years ago. (My funky pan shot of the studio.)

This scene basically faces west. Charlie's office was by the huge evergreen tree, on the end. Edna's dressing room was the room to the left of it.


Anonymous said...

looks good! did you get to go inside the studio?

Edna's Place said...

No. I was offered a tour, but it never connected to happen. But, I was able to park right by it and walk around all the area by the street. (Parts of the original lot was sold decades ago and now a parking lot and store.) To think it once was pretty open country there, when it was first built, with orange trees and such.

It is very close to the main original Hollywood area, so I parked by the sound stages and walked to the Hollywood area on my first visit.

Hope you get to see, one day...